Meet Kevin Alley

Mr. Alley Helps Kids Get Experience In The Workplace


 Kevin Alley is a High School Teacher here at Burbank High. He Does A lot of transition work and job placements for students here at the school. This includes special education classes for students.

This year is his sixteenth year teaching. Along with the hours of teaching and coaching, Mr. Alley and Mrs. Alley run their own BBQ business in the Tri-Cities. He went to Texas to do a BBQ tour and went the the EWU National Championship football game while visiting Texas.

Mr. Alley is always keeping a good vibe up in the room. He and his family are planning to go to the Seattle to see the hockey team play and he enjoys following the Eastern football team. Mr. Alley is one of the nicest teachers here at the high school. He can be very helpful for his students with assignments and advice.