Getting To Know Mrs. Tina

Our Teacher Goes Above and Beyond For Us


Today we are introducing the one and only Mrs. Tina.  Mrs. Tina is from Winona, Minnesota. Her hobbies consist of the love for working out, traveling, watching her kids/students games and most importantly reading.  She mentioned how it’s been great working here, she likes the small schools because it allows her to get to know everyone a lot better rather than being in a big school where no one knows anyone.  Also, the fact that people are always super friendly and have always welcomed her with open arms.

The reason she became a teacher is because she loves math and from that she hoped and hopes that she can try to inspire kids who lack the love for math. Her family is number one and most importantly her job.  Mrs. Tina has taught for many years before coming to Burbank.  She has been teaching math here at the high school for 9 years now.