Senior Spotlight: Kyleigh Milton

Senior With The Best Eyeliner


Kyleigh Milton is Senior and has been going to the Burbank school district since 7th grade and has been here ever since. Kyleigh’s favorite class is math reasoning with Mrs. Tina because she’s fun, enthusiastic and she’s always been an amazing teacher. If you’ve ever met Tina you know that she works hard to make sure her students are successful in her class.

Kyleigh is extremely busy as she works and attends school. When asked how she likes to spend her free time Kyleigh said: “ I spend a lot of my time working.” She has two jobs she works at Chipotle and Jimmy Johns. She likes to meditate, long broad and is always up for an adventure outdoors. Some of her friends are Thalia, Ella, Thaily and many others. She said, “They have always stuck by me and we are always there for each other.”

After high school Kyleigh plans on being a travel nurse/ traveling ultra sound technician or have an online job. Kyleigh is hoping to have a good final year of school and wishes al of her classmates good luck.  This year is flying by and she wants to enjoy every bit of her senior year.