Get To Know Mr. Ochoa

Burbank Students Have Help In The Classroom


Mr. Ochoa is very dedicated to taking care of his kid at home and loves him very much. He recently went back to school and is doing great! Mr. Ochoa works with his students everyday and makes sure they all keep their grades up and pass their classes and have their future in mind.

Many of his students he works with have been struggling to keep their grades up but Mr. Ochoa has proven to be the help they needed. If they don’t turn in an assignment he makes them turn it in the second he finds out. He makes sure that his students are in his class at least once a day doing their work.

He is 25 years old and his favorite color is red. His favorite dish of all time is green posole, specifically made by his mom. He is very funny and makes us laugh everyday. Mr. Ochoa is the most patient man ever in the WORLD, he puts up with his kids everyday and won’t quit.