Catastrophe Struck In The Commons

Axyl Carter Has Disaster Dutch Drop


This week -October 13, Axyl Carter a senior in Columbia High School started off his day like any other day.  He woke up, brushed his teeth, got  dressed, pretty much all of the necessities of his regular routine. When he got to school at 8:38 another classmate by the name of Ella Morgan got him a Dutch bros drink. He was so hyped to get it he took a couple of sips and was excited to begin his school day.

The situation turned quickly, as Axyl was walking across the commons he bumped into a trash can due to poor placement and being too consumed by his new gift drink.  He was holding the cup by the top, pretty much where the lid is located and the cup opens, which is a rookie mistake.  Around 8:40 Axyl dropped his Dutch bros drink. That was the worst pain he has felt in along time.  Lesson learned, Axyl lost the drink and made a mess but learned a valuable lesson.