Senior Spotlight: Thaily Cruz

Thaily Is Making The Most Of Her Senior Year

Thaily Cruz has been going to school here forever and was a varsity player all her four years of high school. She is currently going to CBC and attending for her AA degree. She’s really big on friends and family and spends as much time as she can with them. Some of her friends are Josie, Olivia, Azlyn, and Hailey. Her and Josie both attend CBC together.

Thaily is a very sweet, naturally funny, and an amazing person all around. She is super smart and manages to have all her school in line perfectly.  Her grades are solid and she is lining up her possible schools to attend next year for college. She likes to hit the gym after school and is on the Coyote Cheer team for basketball season.

Thaily is known and loved by everyone, she has a very bubbly personality which will make you instantly like her. Her favorite color is red and her favorite food is sushi. She mentioned that she even dreams of sushi!