Get To Know Mr. Gale

Compassion and Passion Make Mr. Gale The Perfect Fit In Burbank


Mr. Gale’s first year in Burbank was in 2014 where he taught government, foreign policy, and PE. He started teaching history the very next year when the previous history teacher retired. Along with teaching, he coached Knowledge Bowl alongside Mr. Sloan.  Mr. Gale attended CBC, WSU Vancouver and most recently started his 2nd masters program in history at EWU in 2019.

Mr. Gale enjoys football, pastries and pies. He is excited to continue to learn about history and give his new found knowledge to the students he teaches. Mr. Gale also plays the guitar. He has a great sense of humor, side note he was cracking during this interview. He is one of the most caring and passionate teachers in the school. He is proud to be a Coyote and we are proud to have Mr. Gale.

I am a walk-on running back with a full ride scholarship at Eastern Washington University (Mr. Gale said jokingly)

— Mr. Gale