Senior Spotlight: Creete Jackson

Hopes to Attend College In Utah


Creete Jackson has been a Coyote since 8th grade. Creete’s favorite teacher is Mr. Gale because he is always positive.  Also, his favorite class just so happens to be government and Mr. Gale teaches all the seniors for that class. Creete has been a solid student as he attends CBC running start and the high school for classes too.

He likes to spend his time playing sports, Creete plays football, basketball, and baseball. Creete says his friends help him because they always push him to do better.  He has picked up a part time job while juggling all the other activities so his days are busy.  After high school, Creete wants to attend Weber State University.  For now, he is focusing on finishing up his high school classes and enjoying all his time with friends and classmates for his last year of school in Burbank.