weight room



The weight room is a place where people take it to another level. Some people go because they have nothing else to do, some go to lose weight and get fit, and some people go for a mindset, and some go to get bigger and stronger for sports. Joshua Edwards and Tate Worcott will be seen in the weight room after school every day of the week.

The important thing for when you’re going into the gym is your mindset. Whether it’s from your own mind, someone hyping you up, or the ol’¬† reliable¬† pre workout. My personal biggest influencers that motivate me are Josh Edwards and Tate Worcott, they push me harder every day to help me be great. If you can get someone to push you like they do you will become whatever you’re hoping to achieve.

My favorite thing in the gym is… benching 225 for reps, it makes me feel big.

— Joshua Edwards