Bryce Armstrong: Senior Spotlight

Bryce Gets Good Grades And Plans To Serve The Country In The Military

Bryce Armstrong is a very talented kid. He’s been going to Burbank since 4th Grade.   They moved to Burbank from Benton City and had two siblings graduate from CHS in recent years.  When Bryce grows up he plans to go into the Marines and see what happens after that.

Bryce is a free, loose kind of person who doesn’t let anybody get in his way or stop him from what he thinks is good for himself. Bryce is a hard worker in his classes he gets all of his work done and has spectacular grades.  He has A and B grades and maintains a strong GPA.

He has a very supportive friend group that he likes to keep up and going, in high spirits, and most of all in the happiest of moods. He may be the quiet type but as soon as you say “hi” and show him how friendly you are to him, that’s when you’ll realize the great choice you just made in becoming friends with Bryce.  You can see Bryce walking and training his dog regularly.  He has a German Shorthair Pointer and has worked with him since he was a pup.