Getting To Know Mr. Gale

From Paper Boy To Educator


As you all may know Drew Gale is a teacher here at Columbia High School. He’s been teaching at CHS for eight years. He was born in Kennewick WA , he has always been passionate for teaching and decided to pick our fabulous school for the reason being there was an opening for his profession so he took the opportunity to work here.

Mr. Gale loves the students and staff  and always has a positive attitude. Growing up -his first job was being a paper boy. He got the job in middle school and made a little over a $100 bucks each check.  He mentions it was a hard job but he enjoyed it while he was doing it. He eventually saved up and bought his first guitar which started his interest in music. He still has a passion for playing guitar. Besides  music he has lots of different hobbies, he loves kicking back and relaxing, reading, watching his favorite shows with his wife and going on walks around his neighborhood. His advice to us is never let fear get in the way of us wanting to do something.