Character Strong

Character Strong

Character Strong Theme of the Month: Forgiveness

What is Character strong?

Character Strong in an organization that helps with providing training. This organized curriculum teaches people about how to build social skills and a strong character. Not a character like Rodger Rabbit but what makes you, you.

The parts that make up your character are the eight essentials, patience, kindness, humility, respect, selflessness, forgiveness, honesty, and commitment. As your teacher shows these essentials you will learn the meaning of all of them. Many students ,even the teachers, can learn from this program.

This month’s theme is forgiveness. Character Strings definition of forgiveness is, “letting go of pain or resentment towards our self or others. Trying to understand what us all imperfect and working to accept those imperfections.” Character strong has shown improvement in the whole school. This program will continue to grow. Don’t forget the focus on forgiving.