Antonio Reibaldi

New Coyote Comes From Over Seas


Antonio is one of the newest foreign exchange students in the Columbia High school. He came from Italy where he has a younger brother named Emanuele. Antonio is 16 and his birthday is December 10th.  His favorite color is yellow and back in Italy he played water polo and soccer. The thing Antonio misses the most about Italy is his friends, family and playing his PS4, his favorite game is Call of Duty.

Now that Antonio is in America he enjoys going to the mall, playing football, and reading new books.  During his first time ever playing football he will be working on being a quarterback. His favorite book series is Harry Potter which he has read in English and Italian. Antonio really enjoys eating Nutella, cheese pizza and pasta. In Antonio’s free time he enjoys  cooking different kinds of pasta and baking cakes.

Antonio now lives in Richland with his brother who is actually another foreign exchange student named Alex.  Antonio and Alex live with their host dad Bill.