Emmalee Lawrence

Senior Student Spotlight


Emmalee has been attending Columbia-Burbank since pre-k. She has been in a few school clubs through the years but the one she really enjoys is FCS (family Science Consumers) this club goes into town to deliver food to people who struggle getting food. this year around thanksgiving they went to the Kennewick police station to bring people multiple caned goods to take home. Lawrence played basketball for two years in middle school then again as a freshman.  She also played for Big Purple AAU. But after her freshman year she stopped playing basketball to focus more on her horses.

She trains horses so people can race them, she also participates in barrel racing. Horses are a huge part of Lawrence´s life. During high school Lawrence has had multiple jobs and trained horses on the side. She currently works at Target and still finds time to work with the horses.  Emmalee plans on going to CBC to become a chiropractor and continue training horses. She wants to focus more on horses now that she will have more time and hopefully be able to compete more often.